Vaccine Passports

The Vaccine Passport, also known as the ‘Green Pass’ in the EU is the route to entrapment and financial slavery. Why ?  The QR code app that appears on the smart phone is designed as the first step towards a digital society, a means by which the powers that be can control literally all that we do. Read up about the Microsoft patent number 060606 connected to digital currency and data collection.

On the back of this the introduction of a Universal Income whereby every adult receives a guaranteed amount every month regardless of their need which is a utopian idea first raised by philosopher and statesman Thomas Moore in the 16th century. All sounds very equitable.

However imagine when this turns into the only income we will receive and payment will depend on a credit system similar to the one now operating in communist China whereby credits are awarded every month according to social behaviour, activity and obedience as dictated by the state.  

At some point in the future, perhaps within the next 5-10 years, probably less, (it is already planned and just a matter of time), paper currency, freedom to spend as we wish, ability to move freely and to socialise with anyone we want will be in the past. Also if Klaus Schwab and his friends have their way we will own nothing and be happy. In other words according to Schwab we will rent literally everything. (The Great Reset).

Governments of the world are bankrupt. They have spent all our pension contributions, healthcare benefits and social security funds many times over. Debt is at an all time high and one day soon this will become common knowledge. When citizens find this out they will not be happy so before this happens there needs to be a way for those who have mismanaged our taxes and our future livelihoods to escape and hide what has been done.

We have at the moment a ‘global health pandemic’ which has distracted people and given them something else to think about. These are diversion tactics to keep us occupied and to hide what is really going on. In the background the, let’s call them globalists, are preparing for enslavement of the human race through financial schemes designed to control every aspect of our lives. If anyone thinks this is too far fetched we only have to do a google search where it is all documented and out in the open and certain aspects of it have been in the pipeline for many years (see links below).

The COVID vaccine is causing adverse reactions to many who get it and the premature death of many more. Those of us who survive will be corralled by force into a digital world. I say by force because no one in their right mind would willingly accept what has been planned for us.  Those of us who still trust our government and the so called democratically elected politicians think again. If what is being described here is considered too extreme just remember these words in years to come for if we allow this to happen without resistance it is exactly what will come about.

Remember when we were told that we needed to get the vaccine in order for our lives to return to normal, so that we could go to the pub, to the stadiums to watch our football team play, to socialise freely ? How did that work out ? Now we are required to have regular boosters to keep that freedom going. Even if we do get to see our team play they are starting to drop dead on the pitch from heart attacks. Young men in peak fitness falling over on the pitch dead. They have all been jabbed as a condition of their contract with the team. Does anyone think there might be a connection ?

Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that we have to take a jab in order to get a pass in order to meet our mates in the pub, and isn’t it strange that the jab does not protect us from getting COVID, does not stop us from spreading COVID ? Common sense, quite apart from science, tells us that wearing a mask all the time is not good for health.

Think about why there are global protests against vaccine passports and against jabbing children ? Are they just crazy people with nothing better to do ?  Why is taking the vaccine so important,  important enough to offer incentives such as free prostitutes, beer, doughnuts, burgers and lottery tickets ?  It is surely not about our health ?  A recent announcement by governments has been that booster vaccines will be required on a regular basis in order to keep the vaccination passport up to date. Those with certificates expiring in 2023/4/5 will now require booster shots every six months. 

I rest my case, perhaps there are those who need still more time to research and realise what is going on. The media lie to us and the fact checkers who debunk the thousands of doctors and scientists who warn us of the dangers of the vaccine are paid by the media, big Pharma and governments in order to push their agenda without opposition.

I realise that this might be too much for the reader to believe but time is not on our side. By ignoring the truth we are allowing enslavement to take place right under our noses. 

Here are some topical quotes:

“Freedom is not a reward for good behaviour….that is how the prison system works”.

“By declining the COVID jab I am 100% safe from adverse reactions and 99.8% safe from COVID. Those odds seem very reasonable”.

“You shouldn’t need an exemption to opt out of a medical procedure that has death as a possible adverse reaction”.