The Great Reset 

A World Economic Forum Agenda 2030, let’s take a look inside….

“Own nothing and be happy” When you look deeper into what this actually means the implication is that all world resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite and us ordinary citizens will have to pay a rent for the temporary use of absolutely everything.

What is stakeholder Capitalism ? It is an aberration under the Great Reset whereby there is a transfer of power over nation states from ELECTED government to UNELECTED private corporations and other UNELECTED stakeholders such as the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Since March 2020 we have all been experiencing what it is like to have UNELECTED stakeholders making decisions about our future, deciding what is best for us all and in some cases actually mandating medical procedures.

Stakeholder Capitalism is where ownership of all things is restricted to a self appointed elite social class thus imposing serfdom on the rest of us. In other words a return to feudalism and apparently this is for our own good and convenience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is beginning to and will continue to play a significant role in monitoring and controlling every aspect of our existence. What is happening in the world today is a gradual reprogramming of the mindset towards this goal, a step by step mind washing so that we get used to a totalitarianism otherwise known as stakeholder capitalism.

Notice speeches delivered by political leaders include such expressions as quote:  ‘This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change’.

‘Build Back Better’ is parroted by all leaders.  ‘Resetting the economy to ensure equity’ are terms frequently used in speeches provided and authorised by stakeholders. These are just methods to rob freedoms – it all sounds great until you realise the double speak behind the phrases.  None of these people actually care about ordinary people and could not care less if there are starving human beings in abject poverty which they created in the first place through war, economic pressure and hardship.

‘The COVID-19 virus has provided an opportunity for a reset, to re-imagine economic systems’ says Trudeau whilst endorsing the WEF plan to concentrate all private property into the hands of big tech corporations.

Great Reset or Great Deception ?  

Then there is the Global Redesign Initiative another new form of global governance. These terms deliberately describe initiatives in an encouraging, warm and fuzzy way to mislead everybody. In reality stakeholder capitalism described in this way is not the way it actually works. It sounds great but it does not benefit the ordinary citizen at all…far from it.  The Great Reset is a plan by the so called global elites to introduce communism by abolishing private ownership using COVID-19 to deliver their agenda and enslave the survivors in what will become a smart grid society driven and controlled by AI…in other words more power to the corporations and the individuals who own them !

The new idea is that stakeholders will include not only governments but non government organisations like the WEF, UN etc. In other words these stakeholders will have a say in how nations are governed therefore the hierarchy changes. Corporations become main stakeholders in global decision making while governments are relegated to being just one of many stakeholders. Civil societies don’t get a look in at all. So it’s goodbye to ELECTED governments and, because they are not profitable, goodbye to civil rights and freedoms.

Take a look at the corporate takeover of most of the world commerce by the likes of Blackrock and Vanguard. Between them these two companies own approximately 88% of EVERYTHING globally. And who owns these two corporations ? That is a discussion for another time...but I am sure some of the readers can guess.  And just ask yourself if this process was not the interests of the globallists, if it was in anyway damaging to their pockets don’t you think they would put a stop to it immediately ? 

Democratic accountability does not exist anymore. Since 2020 we have lived in a biosecurity state where UNELECTED stakeholders decide what is best for us all regardless of how we feel about it.  Take GAVI and CEPI as just two stakeholders who created the COVAX initiative. Both GAVI and CEPI are tied to the WEF, The Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation and a long list of drug companies and whilst governments are funding the COVAX initiative it is the GAVI/CEPI coalitions that take the profits and guess what, healthcare is not the primary motivation…profit is !

Stakeholder capitalism will not enhance democracy it will eliminate it altogether. It is designed to sideline governments and put UNELECTED stakeholders in charge. The ultimate authority will rest with these profit driven entities for all global decisions. Just imagine what that will deliver to the ordinary citizen !  This is what the the Great Reset is all about.

It is a Great Deception…