As the world becomes more unsettled through war, disease and famine we ask ourselves what is the reason for this increase of displaced people, many of them are Muslims, looking for a safe haven particularly in Europe ?  Has the world become less secure ? Are the demons and gremlins we are supposed to be afraid of actually real or are they an invention ?  

Since the world wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45 and the dozen or so major regional conflicts that have taken place since then it would appear that the world has indeed become a less secure environment but how many of those conflicts were necessary to ease the pain and suffering and ensure the safety of human beings rather than satisfying the land grabbing ambitions of powerful western nations ? And what about the 9/11 event which served as an excuse to introduce the Patriot Act to further convince us that we were surrounded by terrorists wanting to kill us all and that the world is no longer safe ?  Yes there is no doubt that there are conflicts in the world humans can be aggressive towards eachother and there are dangerous regions for certain people to visit but that has always been the case so what makes it even more dangerous now ?  Part of the answer lies within the mechanism of our geopolitical structure and within the ambitions of the military industrial complex.

It Is a fact that throughout history different nations have enjoyed supremacy over the others due to their superior wealth and military might. The Egyptians, the Persians, the Mongols, in ancient times and more recently the British, the French and the Americans and many more in between not mentioned here. Each have had their day and each have followed a pattern of greed and domination, taking by force. Each nation in their own way have undermined their target country, demanding taxes in exchange for protection, natural resources in exchange for financial loans and when the country is led by a strong character who refuses to give in to their demands they make up a story about him or her,  introduce regime change either through assassination or scandal and replace them with a puppet who will not question their motives. The most blatant example in recent history is Muammer Ghaddafi. Not everyones cup of tea I agree but one who led his country into prosperity and stability, one who shared the nations considerable oil wealth with his people and one who provided every Libyan with a piece of land, fresh water, subsidised healthcare and education. Every Libyan owned his own home if he wanted to and the people, by and large were happy. The media propaganda will tell you otherwise to suit the geopolitical narrative. His big mistake was to introduce the idea of an independent currency for the whole of Africa.  This was a threat to the system and to certain interested parties and he had to go. So they created an image of him that was contrary to the truth, invaded Libya, murdered him and left the country in the chaos which remains today.

So finally after a short preamble, let’s finally address the question about terrorism and the flood of immigrants that we are seeing coming to Europe and ask the question why now ?  To answer this we have to delve into history again. I refer to the Crusades back in the 10th century when the Templar Knights and various other crusaders including the Knight Hospitallers, became famous for guarding the holy land, their fights with the Islamic hordes who were pressing westwards with ambitions of taking over the world and converting it to Islam.  It took them as far as Spain and from 718 until in 1492 Muslims ruled the country from their base in Andalusia. Withdrawal or conversion to Christianity followed and the threat subsided until now where we have a different kind of invasion. 

The Islamic religion is generally unforgiving towards Christians. At this point I should say that there is a big difference between Muslims who follow the Koran but are moderate and have certain beliefs that are different from other faiths but who are able to peacefully assimilate into a Christian society and there are those who are fanatics, who interpret the Koran word for word using every possible interpretation to suit their agenda. In the United Kingdom we have a large Muslim community, the majority of whom are peace loving and hard working people. There are however a few fanatics who cause trouble and let their brother Muslims down. I have numerous Muslim friends who deplore the behaviour of their fanatic brothers. Where am I going with this ? It seems that we have a renewed ambition from the world of Islam to revisit their invasion of the Christian world this time by invitation from our woke politicians.  Nobody has a problem with immigration done in the correct way and in an orderly fashion but the number of immigrants flooding into Europe in an endless stream will overburden a system already on its knees.  Chaos will prevail. Where will it lead ?  There has to be a better solution. Instead of ignoring the problem as the politicians do it needs to be debated out in the open.