General Comments

Some observations based on various comments appearing in the media.

The same people who think the earth is overpopulated are saying that they want to save lives by vaccinating the whole planet !

The hospitals were not overwhelmed when 100% of people were not vaccinated.  How is it possible that hospitals are at risk from being overwhelmed in a situation where 70% of the population is vaccinated ? The primary arguement in favour of vaccines was to reduce hospitalisation ! Something does not add up.

So let’s get this straight...if you STILL need a booster shot AFTER having been fully vaccinated and you STILL need to test if you have the virus and you are STILL at risk of spreading the virus and you are STILL at risk of catching the virus and you are STILL at risk of having to be hospitalised and there is STILL a risk of death and wearing a mask is STILL a requirement, social distancing is STILL a requirement and lockdowns are STILL enforced that is more STILLS than a distillery !