Unfortunately it is necessary to write about COVID because it is destroying so many lives around the world and is having a disastrous effect on all of us. The economic and social consequences are wide reaching to the extent that life will never be the same again.

The symptoms of seasonal flu are very similar to those described as being COVID symptoms.  There is growing concern that an experimental injection has been produced within less than 12 months, not approved, and yet delivered as a cure for COVID without having been through proper testing trials.  The worrying statistics showing that COVID vaccines are killing and maiming people. 

Factual research articles from respected scientists and doctors, who are renowned and well known as being at the top of their profession, explaining the dangers of taking the vaccine are written off as fake news. Anything written or voiced that goes against the media narrative pushing the vaccine is demonised. All the tried and tested medications that have proven to cure people from the symptoms have been banned. Only the vaccine is permitted. 

The US reporting system, VAERS, maintains the records of all adverse effects and deaths of thousands of medications.  The Eudra system does the same for Europe. Both of these record keeping systems rely on doctors, hospitals and clinics reporting the data.  The reporting process requires a long and complicated form to be filled in which takes time and when submitted if the slightest error is present on the form it is rejected.  The reported number of deaths runs into thousands and the reported number of adverse effects runs into millions. Both are considered to be under reported on both systems and therefore under estimated overall. We may never know the true impact of this innovative medication.

We are at a point where we have never been before. The world is facing drastic changes in terms of economic hardship, food and fuel shortages, poverty of unbelievable proportions and destruction of families. A multiple disaster all being delivered by the COVID pandemic.

Furthermore in France from 1st January 2022 the French government has announced that vaccinations will be mandatory for all French citizens. This bill is currently being ‘debated’ in their parliament and if it is allowed to go through other countries will no doubt follow with their own mandates.

A collapse of the global supply chain has been a direct result of COVID.This means that all supplies whether it be food, building materials, car parts, oil, gas or other essential items are being run down. There are reports that tens of thousands of ships are trying to offload their cargo in ports all over the world. Maersk the worlds largest container shipping company is diverting its cargo to alternative ports in America because there is a shortage of lorry drivers to come and remove what has already arrived and blocking the port facilities. Why is there a shortage of lorry drivers ? Because their companies have dictated mandatory vaccination and many don’t agree and are protesting. Their protest involves not going to work. 

By the end of the first quarter 2022 or even earlier the world will be at complete standstill. There will be no employment, no deliveries, supermarket shelves will be empty, there will be riots in the streets. There will be absolute chaos and lawlessness, the UN army will take control and herd survivors into quarantine camps. This might sound extreme but 18 months ago what is actually happening now sounded extreme.  This scenario will be perfect to introduce the Great Reset discussed in the previous article.

This is being written in mid October 2021 and now is the last moment to stock up on water, food and fuel supplies. My estimate is that by Christmas the shops will be empty. That’s in less than three months time.

I hope and pray that it does not come to this but I am afraid too many people don’t see what is going on. Yes there are protests in almost every country against vaccine passport and against vaccinating young children from five years old upwards which is the current mandate being pushed by governments. Children are now being banned from school if they are not vaccinated.

I find it odd that the same people who think the earth is overpopulated are saying that they want to save lives by vaccinating everyone on the planet.  For a comprehensive report on vaccines click the link below for more information.

This is the biggest threat of all time faced by the human race and now is the time to find faith and courage to conquer this threat to society.