The Future of Money...

Charles Philip Templer, former Vice President of the London operation of the banking and investment giant,  Bank of America Merill Lynch, now retired from banking and running the successful business networking consultacy firm Templer & Associates International which he founded in 2011 ( was recently asked to give his opinion on the future of money. This is what he said:

“For decades we have witnessed the gradual but steady erosion of the value of fiat currencies around the world. Economists will inform us that inflation has eroded the value of the USD by more than 800% since 1960 when in that year $1.00 would purchase goods and services which now cost $9.22 in 2021.

This devaluation together with decades of prodigious borrowing has reduced the currency to nothing more than a confidence trick. The only reason the USD has survived this long is because in 1944 it became the international reserve currency against which all other currencies were valued. A series of ever more unbelievable book balancing gymnastics have resulted in the US effectively unable to service the interest on its borrowings except through a fiscal policy of printing money. It has got to the stage where the US government has to buy its own treasury bond issues because confidence in its once robust currency has been lost. This together with a rapidly collapsing economy can only end in one way.

In the past year and a half the world has had the COVID pandemic to distract everyones attention. During this time all economies around the world have been damaged to such an extent that it is unlikely they will recover. We are currently in a global depression of such magnitude never seen before and a massive crash is just around the corner. Already we are seeing global supply chain businesses collapsing, small businesses bankruptcies in all countries coupled with escalating unemployment. Whether the COVID pandemic is a real threat or not is a discussion for another time but the effect of lockdowns and non essential business closures due to the perceived danger of the SARS-COV-2 virus has been devastating.

So how does all this relate to the future of money ?  Throughout history financial depressions leading to economic hardship come and go. The reason for their occurrence in the first place are many and varied and their causes and triggers will be debated for years to come. One thing is for sure and that is history can teach us a great deal. By studying previous market crashes, depressions, famines and general economic demise there are certain patterns which emerge and present a common theme in most of them. In any economic disaster there are those who lose and those who benefit. It depends on which side you are positioned at the time. The beneficiaries of financial and economic mayhem are either very good at forecasting or have prior knowledge that such an event is going to happen. History tells us of key players of influence with power and money who manipulate markets to their advantage.

This brings us to the present day and as we witness in real time our livelihoods rapidly disappearing, our incomes becoming eroded our assets reducing in value there are some who are benefitting on a massive scale. If this is deliberate it is not difficult to identify the culprits.  Who they and what is their motive is also a matter for another discussion. The fact is here and now we are facing economic Armageddon and there seems little we can do to stop it.

Then we come to the solution. There is a always a solution provided by those who perceive they are cleverer than us. The simple fact is that those who would consider themselves to have power over the fate of humanity have the advantage of access to technology that we, as ordinary citizens, have no idea of its existence. Today the solution lies in technology.

Since they were first marketed in the mid 1980’s the mobile phone has become smarter and more sophisticated.  Today we can accomplish almost all our everyday tasks from banking to buying groceries and everything in between from our mobiles.  The smart ones among us do not possess a smartphone. I will explain later why they are smart. Through the smartphone governments and those in authority can track and trace us. We can download a smart app which is actually the product of our own enslavement and many are willing to do it voluntarily without realising the consequences.

Let’s step back a little.  We are at the point where the world financial system is on the verge of collapse. It has been deliberately engineered this way.  Governments and the bankers who control governments (again the subject of yet another discussion) have, through various irresponsible actions largely driven by greed, led the finances of the world to a point of bankruptcy. In order to hide this fact there are plans to scrap the existing monetary system and replace it with one global digital currency. The emergence of digital currencies such as crypto have shown how this would work. The introduction of digital banking would give immense power to the globalists who want to rule over us and control our every action and movement. The fact that they are using the COVID pandemic to first create the crisis and then role out the solution is very clear. One thing you cannot blame them for is never missing an opportunity !

So we are facing the advent of a centralised global digital currency within the next 5-10 years, maybe less. With this comes a universal credit scoring which gives everyone a score depending on how they perform during the previous period. Performance will include social behaviours measured by our interactions with others, comments made on social media, critical comments of Government and so on. Our universal credit will be measured according to our status. According to the World Economic Forum and it’s founder Klaus Schwab “we will own nothing and be happy”. The controlling government will decide how much credit we receive with which we shall use to pay rent for everything and feed ourselves. Food will also be of a different kind but I do not want to digress too far from the subject.

So there you have it. A world of digital madness all run through a version of the current mobile smart phone which brings me to my earlier comment that those who do not have a smart phone are the smart ones while the rest of us are addicted to ours.  However in reality by the time we get to this stage of evolution smart phones will have been replaced by sub dermal implants which will be connected to the universal smart grid driven by 6G (a subject for discussion at another time)”.